15 Far-Out Pregnancy Facts You May Not Have Known


15 Far-Out Pregnancy Facts You May Not Have Known

Pregnancy is something that almost every single creature on the planet experiences.  The human gestational period is 9 months, and there are some things everyone knows; however, there are many things that people do not know.

  • While a normal pregnancy lasts about 280 days, the world’s longest recorded pregnancy lasted 375 days – in other words, more than a year. The baby weighed just under seven pounds when born.

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  • The amount of blood in a pregnant woman’s body increased up to 50%.

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  • When women are pregnant, their hearts actually grow because they need to work harder and beat more quickly because of the increased amounts of blood (up to 50%).

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  • Because of the higher levels of estrogen, hair will become fuller and shed less quickly.

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  • After giving birth, it is normal to have increased shedding.

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  • During pregnancy, a woman’s feet will grow since the hormone “relaxin” loosens ligaments. The increased weight from the pregnancy will result in lengthening and widening of the foot.

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  • Both sense of smell and sense of taste increase dramatically in pregnant women.

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  • No one really knows why cravings for strange foods occur, but it is thought that your body is lacking in certain nutrients.

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  • Pregnancy cravings can range from combinations of pickles and yoghurt to dust and salt.

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  • There are approximately 250 babies born every minute somewhere in the world.

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  • Less than 10 percent of all babies are born on their exact due date.


  • 50 % of babies are born within a week of their due date.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, microwaves do not really pose a large threat to pregnant women unless they stand in front of one all day.

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  • One myth about pregnancies is that if your belly is pointy that it is a boy and if it spreads to the sides then it will be a girl.

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  • Eating fish is said help to boost brain development in babies.  Babies born from women who ate a lot of fish during pregnancy developed verbal skills more quickly.

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