20 Interesting Facts about Dolphins


20 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Dolphins are mammals which are closely related to porpoises and whales.  They have been known to follow and guide ships and boats in the water and are friendly if they are not agitated.

  •  1. Dolphins have leftover remnants of finger bones in their fins, which do not serve much of a purpose.


  • 2. Dolphins have been popular in philosophy, mythology, and narratives for thousands of years dating back to ancient Greece and Rome.

three dolphins jumping

  • 3. Killer whales (orcas) are the largest species of dolphin.

two killer whales

  • 4. Most dolphins do not chew because they do not have very strong jaw muscles.  They use their teeth to grab and hold prey.

dolphins under water eating

  • 5. When dolphins are born, they come out tail first so that they do not drown.  Even a tablespoon of water in their lungs could drown them.  After the baby dolphin is born, its mother has to take it to the surface to take its first breath.

dolphins underneath pov

  • 6. Male dolphins are called “bulls.”

jumping single dolphin

  • 7. Female dolphins are called “cows.”

dolphin head out of water

  • 8. Young dolphins are known as “calves.”

dolphin calf


  • 9. During a dolphin birth, if there is another female, she will help and act as a “midwife.”  The second female will help to pull the baby while the bulls (male dolphins) and other dolphins patrol the area to protect them.

speeding dolphins swimming

  •  10. A group of dolphins is referred to as either a “pod” or a “school.”

School Pod Dolphins

  • 11. Dolphins cannot smell, but they can taste things and differentiate between sour, bitter, salty, and sweet.

dolphin eating fish

  • 12. Dolphins flap their tails up and town rather than side to side as fish do.

dolphin out of water

  • 13. Sonar is one of the ways that dolphins have an advantage over other animals in the sea because they can see with their eyes as well as use echolocation.  They make a series of clicking noises and pings, which reflect off anything in the water. Based on the amount of sound that returns, they can determine how far away the thing is, what size it is, and whether or not it is moving.

dolphin blow hole

  • 14. Dolphins can make their clicking noises as well as emit its sonar noises simultaneously.

dolphin standing in water

  • 15. Some dolphins leap up to 30 feet in the air.


  •  16. Dolphins can kill sharks in a fight by ramming into them with their beaks.


  • 17. Dolphins can remain awake for up to five days at a time.

dolphin with basketball

  • 18. There are 42 types of dolphins of which 32 live in saltwater, 4 live in rivers.

four dolphins dancing

  • 19. In ancient Greece it was considered sacrilege to kill a dolphin. If you were caught killing one or were suspected of having killed one, the punishment was death.

dolphin kissing girl

  • 20. Dolphins eat up to 30 pounds of fish in a day.

child feeding dolphin in tank


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